An Ultimate Production Management Tool


  • Location: India
  • Category: Bespoke Men Tailoring
  • Branches: Multiple/One
  • Production Team Size: 15+
  • Avg Monthly orders: 300-400
  • Avg Monthly Production: 800-1000 outfits
  • Darziware Effect
  • On TIme deliveries: (Up arrow in green) by 10%
  • Production Streamline: 99% acheived
  • ROI Impacted: 20% improved monthly


Y & O Suits is a Bespoke Tailoring House Estd. In 1920, known for delivering a legacy of fine craftsmanship. There are few who have mastered the art of bespoke suit-making, and Y&O is one of these rare few. Driven by an obsession with detail and the pursuit of perfection, every suit here is born with the class and sharpness of British engineering at its heart. The master tailors at Y&O ensure that this legacy of British engineering is preserved from the first cut to the last stitch. It is this legacy that forms the essence of Y&O’s brand philosophy


The team at Y & O were struggling with production streamlining and worker’s financial transactions tracking. As a result, there were various loss-making scenarios such as sometimes the same worker is getting paid twice, sometimes a worker is paid for the item which he did not even make, sometimes they are not able to settle the amount paid as advance or loan against the work done. There were also a lot of concerns about the quality of production and the absence of a worker efficiency measuring system was enough to make it more miserable for them.


Darziware could help them knockoff all of their pain areas one by one. Thanks to its production planning and management module, the business could get rid of their workshop management nightmares. Darziware could offer them the much-needed production cost management system where they could independently define the worker charges manage the job work allocation in a well-oraganized way such that any human error can be pinned down, helping business to prevent various financial leakages in their legacy manual system. A quality check has become their regular practice ensuring top-notch quality being delivered. In an exceptional case, even if a customer reports a quality concern after few months, tracking down the responsible worker doesn’t even take more than 3 secs, indeed helps business to measure and improve on worker’s performance efficiency.


Darziware helped Y & O Suits to realize a decline of 70% issues and complaints from the production workforce, helping them boost the employee/worker morale. Positive morale helps their workers perform better than before which indirectly helped Y&O Suits progress towards their goal of delighting their customers with personalised service, in fact, the goal is now simpler to achieve than ever. As a result, they have seen an ROI of 300%