An Ultimate Production Management Tool


DarziWare is designed in Multi company multi branch architecture to overcome such challenges. Live data from all the stores gets automatically consolidated and synced in real time giving you minute by minute details of all activities from all the branched. DarziWare can be configured to work with organization having multiple stores in same city to multiple stores in different countries having diverse pricing, products and people.

Small business actually needs to maintain top notch service quality to grow and expand, with our lowest silver plan, small business can achieve greater efficiency with minimum investment. By easily accessing customer data and managing timely production with right tools, higher customer satisfaction can be achieved.

DarziWare is carefully designed to grow along with your business. Activating new users and assigning them duties is as easy as handing over the key. Owners can focus more on their core strengths than worrying about IT setup. With such freedom, businesses grow quickly.


Its a Cloud based Business Management software, Which uses state of the art modern technolgy and cutting edge Architecture to make Tailoring business Management effortless

DarziWare is suitable for organizations of any size that retails, manufactures or distribute ready to wear and customized fashion products such as garments, shoes etc. It has all the inbuilt modules like sales, inventory, production, financial accounts etc integrated with each other. Users can access the software by simply logging into their dashboard via browser and carrying out their routine tasks anytime, anywhere.

Darziware improves the class of your management tactics to bring out the highest possible returns. Workload has to be distributed among the back end team on daily basis without missing any single article. DarziWare provides a very clean and elegant view of your back end stats and also helps you manage it very efficiently in turn upgrades your business portfolio.


We have a dedicated tech support team to assist you and answer your queries; our support team can be easily reached by email and phone.

Our subscription plans range from 1 user to unlimited users. All plans gives you freedom to choose your billing cycle which includes Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually and annually subscription plans. Each subscription plan and billing cycle includes standard bundle of features including hosting, server maintenance, call / remote / email support and feature updates.


Yes, it has inbuilt functionality for transactional & promotional SMS and emails. Apart from this, Darziware has got built in CRM to reach out the customers easily about work status, appointments, delivery reminders etc. Promotion & Campaign Manager will help you manage Offers & Discounts that can be easily broadcasted to all or selective clientele.

Certainly. With responsive design, it can be accessed from any iOS, Android or Windows device. On top of that DarziWare also comes with a Native Mobile App for Android Devices that can be used by various departmental staffs to manage the business on the go.