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Rapid Fast Order Booking

Alike a PoS (Point of Sale), Darziware offers the fastest POB (Point Of Booking). It eliminates a lot of repetitive data capturing events & activities; making the order booking super fast and also adds value for improving customer experience.

Automated Reminders

Give your team the power of Darziware, which will keep them always informed about the upcoming trials and deliveries, making them strong enough to meet the deadlines. after all, what matters to you is the improved customer experience.

Designed to keep you inspired & motivated

Potential Benefits

Stay Focused

Your business is all about delivering perfect fit and an exceptional customer experience. We got that.
Darziware relives you from regular business hassles and allows you to stay focused on what matters the most to you – i.e. Customers Experience.

Get Socially Renowned

Let your happy customer refer you next time they get a compliment. Your customers don't expect anything more than a perfect fit delivered on time. Once you meet the expectation, customer becomes your Social Publicity Engine.


Customized Invoice Design

Handover a rich and classy handbill to customer next time. Get your invoices & estimate formats customized for your choice of paper size, your choice of layout and that's too with your business specific stationary, design elements and logo.

Print, Download or Email PDFs

Graphically rich invoices are always just a click away from your business. You can print, download in pdf form or just click a button and have a PDF sent automatically to your customer's mailbox, through our inbuilt email client.

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Workforce Orchestration

Have Unlimited Skilled Worker

With a growing business, Let your workforce keep growing too. Add unlimited workers at no extra cost, define their specialization, configure their payout model. DarziWare won't leave a single chance of Human Errors, preventing various losses.

Organized Workforce

Your production cycle can have unlimited processes such as Cutting, Dying, Stitching, Fusing, Embroidery etc. Each of these processes may need various workers to get things done. Darziware helps you manage all of your in-house or outsourced, Salaried or On-demand workers together at one place.

Workshop Administration

Managed Production

Complete Workshop management can be handled by a single user. He can monitor workers, prioritize the orders in the production phase to meet the delivery commitments, allocate the job to workers, review their work quality, and also look after worker payouts.

Notifications & Alerts

DarziWare is all about preventing delayed deliveries and trials. It has a in-build notification and alerts system which helps user to pay attentions to time critical orders and individual items.

Production Management

Production Forecasting

With the advanced engineering and data analytics technique, analyze your business pattern & trends. Use your findings to take proactive business decisions that helps you optimize order management, resource utilization and production control processes.

Prevent Revenue leakage

DarziWare enables you track and analyze various costs & expenses, prevent cash leakages, to gives you control over it. With the provided deeper insights of your production cost, you can easily figure out, where to cut spend and save more money.

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Analytics & CRM


Analyze buying trend on RFM model to offer loyalty benefits, award points on each successful referral and let them redeem, appreciate them with star badges linked to attractive offers, let your customer feels delighted with every new transaction.

Send Email & SMS

Keep your customers updated with order status, appointments and delivery/trial reminders with NotifyMyCustomer Module, Reach out on their special days such as Birth Day or Anniversary and grow your business by Sending promos & offers to them through Promotional SMS Channel.

Data Governance

Flexible Access Control

Providing configurable data security with role based access control management so that a business owner controls who accesses what.

Prevent unexpected Actions

Stay in complete control of user activities. Unexpected actions such as Edit / Delete are restricted by AskAdmin feature, user needs to provide an OTP that is sent to admin, to complete the action.